Businesses experiencing growth can be pushed out of utilizing Online Learning platforms due to capital costs , complicated learning curves and technical difficulties associated with setting up a quality elearning solution. Udutu makes it possible for organizations to support their ever-growing learning and development needs through its scalable, online learning platform.

Udutu is a cloud based Learning Platform which allows you to instantly deliver training. No matter where you are you can be up and running in minutes!

Easy Implementation

Benefit #1

Udutu is an Online Learning Platform that allows you to customize your learning management system by adding your logos, color schemes and custom layouts.


Personalized Branding

Benefit #2

Udutu is a Online Learning Platform which is easy to use and has a intuitive user design while being feature rich .

Intuitive User Interface

Benefit #3
Udutu is an Online Learning Platform which is flexible enough to accomodate any number of users. Whether you have 5 or 50K users, Udutu can handle it flawlessly.


Benefit #4
With the powerful course authoring tool , LMS , content creation & design services available , Udutu is the complete Online Learning Platform that provides you with unparalled funcationality.


Benefit #5
Udutu is an Online Learning Platform with the Learner at the heart of its design with the ultimate objective of deleivering compelling and highly interactive learning solutions.

Learner Centric Design

Benefit #6

What can a Complete Online Learning Platform such as Udutu do for us?

Public Administrator, United Nations


Deniz Susar

"In the United Nations Public Administration (UNPAN) Directorate our subject matter experts are widely scattered around the world, and many stakeholders are involved in developing and approving our online courses. For us, a complete online learning platform overcomes issues with collaboration, timely approvals, and access. We used Udutu as our Online Learning Platform and made content security manageable with all the content being in one place, instead of on a dozen laptops."


Udutu is the complete Online Learning Platform that does everything from creating courses , distributing training to tracking assesments

Udutu is a feature rich yet super-easy Online Learning Platform for your Admins , Learners and Users

Udutu presents great value to small businesses due to its scalable pricing model that allows businesses to grow as per need. 

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